Seeds of Damage in a ‘’ Maquette’’

Artist create visually embellished art works to express their views but students of college of fine arts
Ckp Bangalore have extended their visual knowledge on a material that’s widely criticized for its use .
The ”plastic bottle”, this peculiar figure of symbolism, installed to draw the public’s attention at the Mantri mall on the world environment day.
The earths soil which took many hundreds of millions of years to form this nutrient rich layer now faces
an ecological imbalance due to adverse human intervention after industrilisation and rapid economic growth.
This art work a thunder burst of artistic impulse to create awareness on soil degradation due to our inability to strike a balance between economic growth and environmental protection.

To strike a departure from stereotype materials used for sculpture ,these artist have collected a small quantity of discarded bottles though the quantum of industrial production is unimaginable high( transcending geographical limits) compelling me to name this work as a’’ maquette’’, for a larger art work (which my mind imagines.)
This apparently concrete structure ,a cluster of a non degradable material which seems to struggle to raise from the ground ,metaphorically taking our thoughts deep in contemplation about the mother earths struggle to save itself from human distruction.
(The fall of the human intellect)
By breaking the values of realism , today’s artists manipulate various natural and industrial materials which demonstrates an elasticity in the words of Rosalind Knauss -‘’sculpture in the expanded field’’ .

Pulling and stretching the term ‘’sculpture ‘’ on new mediums to diminish newness(to make it familiar) by contemporary artist for a public sculpture is a welcoming methodology to educate the public eye about today’s art practices.
This instillation an out come of a combined aesthetic impulse and effort of Karan.N.talgeri, Danush Kiran G.P, Omkarmurthi G.B, Shivakumar Sunkad , Krishana murthy Y, and Yoshua.H.Rosario, initiates a dialogue in the viewers mind on various aspects of art today because this sculpture is just not seen in its objective space (the space the sculpture occupies) but to the relative space (the entire space around it) The sculpture can be seen from various angles which brings in other objects and emotions inside the occular frame of the viewer, making ideas more dynamic and progressive in substance.
Thus this sculpture is just not an object sans space but an aesthetic experience that highlights harmony with surrounding for a public cause.

//Priya selvakumar.

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